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Designing A Difference (DaD) is a nonprofit start-up whose mission is to create job opportunity and employment through a Workforce Training Program targeting people with employment barriers. DaD is creating employment in the apparel manufacturing industry in San Francisco by developing an apparel manufacturer and contractor that will employ the graduates from the training program. DaD is creating employment, stability for those who need it most, growing the local apparel manufacturing industry and helping stop the cycle of homelessness in San Francisco!

I compose all Press Releases and email newsletters for Designing A Difference and DaD Sewing House; They are distributed to our followers, event guests, press, and media. I've had our news releases published on abc7 news, KTVU, Fashion Community Week, The Bay Area Reporter, SRGK Studio, SFSU Alumni, SF Made, The Fashion Knowledge Network, South Florida Gay News, Events 12, Fashion Xchange Magazine, Fuse Magazine, VOLO Magazine, SF Gate and Oakland Fashion Network. Television news, photographers, videographers & bloggers have also brought awareness from reading my initial releases on several occasions. I then create all releases into an email marketing version to send to our followers.


The Fashion Knowledge Network interviewed me during the grand opening of Designing A Difference. September 2017

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SFSU Alumni Spotlight featured my story & dedication in the community. May 2017

Bay Area Reporter & SFGN featured the opening of our Workforce Training Center aimed to support homeless & disabled youth. July 2016

SF Made recognizes DaD Sewing House as a local Contract Manufacturer specializing in Cut & Sew services. April 2018


SRGK featured our first Creative Industry Night informing readers how we are expanding our industry. October 2018

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April 2016, we held a Sewing Machine Drive event to gather donated equipment, supplies and financial donations for our first Workforce Training program.

As a nonprofit the press release was sent to various local government agencies and sponsors seeking funding opportunities or resources to begin our Workforce Training Center.

The Designing A Difference Launch Party Press Release was sent to over 5,000 exclusive guests inviting them to our launch party which had many fabulous attendees!

Arabian Night Fashion Show was a glamorous night benefiting #HashtagLunchbagSF. The Press Release was sent to hundreds of guests and the press for media coverage.


Bay Area Reporter

August 2016

Our nonprofit startup is something truly beautiful & revolutionary because we are bringing our talents & forces together to make an impact in the local fashion industry while helping those in need.

Together we are Designing A Difference.

July 2016 we opened the doors at the Designing A Difference studio to our first workforce training program with mentally disabled and homeless youth. Rebecca Cahua and I taught the course I created for the DaD curriculum. Students learned to sew pillowcases and pajama pants and they donated them to foster kids through our partner, QuiltWorks. They also made tote bags, knit t-shirts, and men's dress shirts. The course is designed to be fun, engaging and will prepare the students to join the workforce to gain a stabilized life.

The ability to help these youth is so empowering & beautiful. This is the most gratifying ability to have which is why we have created this program and dedicated our lives to doing just that.  This program is innovating and truly one of a kind, not only will it greatly benefit these individuals in the long run but it will also help develop our  San Francisco apparel manufacturing industry.


#HashtagLunchbagSF is a humanitarian movement dedicated to empowering and inspiring humanity to reap the benefits of giving through the use of social media. Volunteers gather to prepare and distribute lunches to those in need throughout the entire Bay Area. #HashtagLunchbagSF is now over three years strong and has made over 20,000 lunches with over 1,100 volunteers.  Volunteering is fun, simple & everyone can get involved! The success and power of #HashtagLunchbagSF are based on individuals like you that come out to volunteer.

I worked to have our organization featured on Fox's KTVU, The Examiner,, KRON 4, Pleasanton Patch, and abc 7 news numerous times. Many volunteers, celebrities, city officials, and organizations have attended our events due to my published press releases and public relations content. I co-managed the #HashtagLunchbagSF Instagram account by creating the Social Media Calendar of when and what content was to be posted. We had over 3000+ followers, and unfortunately, the account was deleted. I still invite you to check out our hashtag on Instagram with over 1000+ photos from our followers. I continue to create the #HashtagLunchbagSF marketing email invitation. We have over 2,500 followers that receive our updates regarding our organization. 

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#HashtagLunchbagSF vs.  #HashTagLunchBagCleveland event was huge! I invited press & media for the event and I arranged for attendance of abc 7 News and The Examiner who conducted interviews at these events.


Fox's KTVU featured  #HashtagLunchbagSF's partnership with The Warriors for their Season of Giving. December 2015


#HashtagLunchagSF vs. #HashTagLunchBagCleveland was featured on The Examiner inviting new members. June 2015


#HashtagLunchbagSF was featured on when Klay Thompson from The Warriors joined us! January 2015

PrAna San Francisco

I managed the prAna San Francisco Instagram & Facebook accounts for over a year. I created the visual standard for each account, so updates were never the same between the two social media accounts. I would post brand-relevant content, feature the most popular items, create client contests, advertise upcoming events, and inform followers about upcoming promotions. I would encourage clients to model our clothing in the outdoors or at the store and feature them on social media. #prAnaModel #prAnaSF

For each event created, I would design the official flyer inviting clients to join us. I would send the invite to about 250 of my personal and store's clients.


XPRESS Magazine featured our store after learning about the brand through one of my social media posts.


prAna San Francisco staff partnered with #HashtagLunchbagSF for their SEVA day and each organization benefited.

Runway 2014 - PROVOKE

As the Front of House Director for Runway 2014: PROVOKE, I was responsible for the public relations of the show and the venues set up the day of the show. I wrote the official Press Release that was sent to all major Bay Area organizations. I created the official promotional marketing artwork for the event. That included the poster, flyers, postcards, social media marketing material and the event's program. One hundred posters and 1000 postcards were dispersed throughout the City. We accomplished publication on Her Campus, FSHN Magazine, Ecologique Fashion, CEFD Newsletter, BECA Newsletter, Style Wylde, issuu, and Golden Gate Xpress.

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