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Are you looking to purchase property in San Francisco?

“We have strategic step-by-step systems in place to help illustrate your distinct transaction and make buying property simple and enjoyable.” – Doug & Eddy

San Francisco is a unique and extraordinary city with many different twists, turns, and surprises around every corner. This is especially true with the local real estate market. Having an experienced, full time, local Realtor is crucial to helping you navigate the fast-paced and competitive home buying market that is San Francisco.

Because San Francisco is such an unusual marketplace, you need an active team of Realtors that are knowledgeable about the current local market, it’s nuances and the many different neighborhoods that make up this great city. Doug & Eddy know San Francisco and all its neighborhoods like the backs of their hands and are here to help you find a place you love in this thriving, iconic city.

Doug & Eddy have access to off-market listings not found in the public MLS, Redfin, or Zillow and will be your resource for all things real estate including lending options, negotiations, disclosures, and inspections, all the way to the final closing. Doug & Eddy are here to mentor and guide you through each step of the property buying process and they welcome the opportunity to be your trusted advisors, advocates, and Realtors.

Steps To Buying Property -

  • 1. Let’s identify your needs. Doug & Eddy will meet with you for an initial consultation to answer any questions you may have, and discuss what is essential for you while establishing your wants, needs, and desires in your new property. They will explain the property buying process in-depth, and design a plan of action unique to you and your needs. Since determining your purchasing power is the first step in the process, Doug & Eddy will recommend a trusted and local mortgage professional who is familiar with the demands of the San Francisco real estate market, and who will provide you the best possible rates, advice, and service.

  • 2. Let’s find your property. Doug & Eddy will be seeking the right property for you using the technology of the San Francisco Multiple Listing Service and the extensive resources of Vanguard Properties. Doug & Eddy also have access to off-market listings and they will tailor your searches to fit your specific needs. They will preview properties that meet your criteria, arrange special viewings for you during the week, and on weekends you can tour property together, or they will send you a tour itinerary of relevant properties for you to view. They will work tirelessly until the right property is identified. They will then request and review the property disclosures, recommend inspections, and prepare relevant comparable sales information so that you can make an informed decision about your offer. Whether touring with Doug & Eddy or on your own, you’ll be provided with a suggested tour route and schedule. You’ll also receive a map that pinpoints each property’s location.

  • 3. Let’s write a compelling offer. The San Francisco market is very competitive, and properties often receive multiple offers and sell significantly over the list or “asking” price. In addition to pricing, Doug & Eddy will advise you on the best contingency strategy to make your offer as strong as possible. They are dedicated to your best interests and will negotiate aggressively on your behalf towards the goal of a ratified contract for your new home.

  • 4. Let’s close escrow & get your keys. Doug & Eddy will manage and oversee your escrow process to ensure all of the necessary steps are completed on time. These steps include; depositing earnest money, arranging for and attending any inspections, reviewing and obtaining explanations for any exceptions to title that are recorded against the property, and working with your mortgage broker to secure funding with your lender. The entire process will be documented on our Basecamp Project Management Calendar, so you’ll always know where in the process your escrow is. If the property requires an inspection contingency they will arrange inspections with trusted, local home inspectors. If during the inspection period defects are discovered that were not disclosed, they will work aggressively to obtain the appropriate credit or repair from the Seller. They will be present for the appraisal, the inspections, and the final walk before the close of escrow. They will attend the signing of your loan documents at the title company, and when the property records with the City, they’ll deliver you the keys to your new home!

  • 5. Love your new home & always count on us. Doug & Eddy will continue to be your resource and mentor for anything that may arise. They can provide you with referrals for any home improvement project: Contractors, Interior Decorators, Handyman/Repairs, Painters, Gardener, etc. If anything comes up do not hesitate to ask any questions, as always, we will make sure you have the answers.



Doug & Eddy’s Buyer Services Include

  • Local Connections. San Francisco has been Vanguard’s home since 1984, Doug’s home since 1992 and Eddy’s home since 2012 and they know it well. Whether you are a long-time resident or you are new to the area, they will be by your side providing up-to-the-minute information and proprietary market intelligence to help you close the best deal.

  • Personal Guidance. Doug & Eddy pride themselves on their cadre of service professionals and inspectors and are well known and respected in the local Realtor community. They will guide you through the home-buying process by reviewing disclosure documentation, proposing the best offer price, and being there for you all the way to closing the deal while empowering you to make smart decisions.

  • Technology. Vanguard Properties is tech-enabled, so you don’t have to be. Connecting with you is always personal. While they utilize best-in-class technology to efficiently manage the buying process, you can focus on what matters to you.

  • Inspection Assistance. When you want to take a closer look at a property, they will be by your side. They will provide you with a short-list of established inspectors, attend the inspections with you and offer skilled direction on moving forward.

  • Closing Assistance. Doug & Eddy know that the escrow process can be just as overwhelming as the beginning stages. They will support you through signing the closing papers and assist you in handling any last-minute details.

Buying Luxury or Off-Market Property

When buying a luxury or off-market property, it’s as much about who you know as what’s on the market. At Vanguard, they are always instinctively “in the know,” and go beyond MLS listings to proactively source private listings of Bay Area luxury properties. They connect with you regularly to review inventory and market trends, while feeling confident, smart, and timely decisions that are well-informed, bringing an unmatched efficiency to the home-buying process.

We Do the Digging for You

The diversity of San Francisco’s real estate boasts unique properties, locations, and prices. To narrow your focus and tune-in to your unique real estate wants and needs, Doug & Eddy will provide you with options across the spectrum from mainstream properties to alternative possibilities in order to showcase everything the San Francisco has to offer you. Here are some unique tips to finding the best home for you:

  • Explore an improving neighborhood. San Francisco neighborhoods have evolved over the years, many going from shabby to chic and tired to thriving. Changes in city planning, transportation, and construction are all factors in transforming neighborhoods. Gaining an early entry into an improving neighborhood can offer unparalleled rewards.

  • Find a cosmetic fixer. First impressions are important, which is why many buyers shy away from cosmetically unattractive properties. Doug & Eddy can quickly assess if your dream property is hiding just beyond simple and inexpensive enhancements like repainting, removing carpets to reveal hardwoods, or replacing dated hardware with something new.

  • Take on a home with a ‘major’ defect. Disadvantaged properties are less likely to receive multiple offers or bids over the listing price. If repairs and related costs are within your reach, and you are willing to commit to a renovation project, this type of property may be a great option.

  • Consider a tenancy-in-common. Unique Tenancy in Common (TIC) ownership and financing options could open up a door to buying options you never knew existed. In buildings of three or more units, selling prices tend to be less than comparable condominiums. For eligible TIC buildings, converting to condos may provide significant advantages to owners who make the transition. TICs can be more difficult to sell than condominiums but offer the potential to get more for your money in the Bay Area.

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