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Product Development

The Sus Bag

The Sus Bag was created during the first Designing A Difference training program. It is made of 100% recycled material that made it out of landfill and into a versatile upcycled bag. I love a convenient tote bag/backpack styles so I decided to make my own Sus-tainable version. And yes, The Sus Bag has a secret hidden pocket inside for all your concealed mysteries. It is the perfect bag for a commuter, student, traveler, or everyday chic-bag user.

Custom Leather Harness

During my employment at Circa Corporation (a belt and leather accessory manufacturing company), I designed, developed and handcrafted my interchangeable belted, suspender/harness design. It can be worn three different ways; as a belt, a belt with a harness or a belt with suspenders. Sustainability was kept in mind by creating an interchangeable design that would let you create different looks from the components. Italian leather and USA-made rivets and buckles are utilized. I also designed & tailored the dress shirt showcased.

Apron's Simply Sustainable

Did you know many top hotel chains throw out all tablecloths into landfill that are stained or damaged? Connie Ulasewicz from PeopleWearSF partnered with the Hilton Hotel to have these tablecloths donated to her organization so they could be repurposed into marketable products. I teamed up with Connie and develop a repurposed tablecloth brand, Aprons Simply Sustainable. The collection was featured at the Spring 2014 Senior Showcase at San Francisco State University. And me and my collection were featured on, Towards Zero Textile Waste, a film directed by Hamid Khani to promote and encourage consumers and industries to reuse textiles that are often discarded quickly and improperly.

RIGHT: Golden Gate Xpress covered the Spring 2017 debut of the film, Towards Zero Textile Waste. Click picture to view article.


Loup Garou

Loup Garou was created for the atypical fashion enthusiast male. The name comes from the French word, werewolf. A werewolf is a mythical creature; a refined gentleman by day that turns into a wolf-like beast during the full moon—a perfect analogy for the Loup Garou man. Many would like to look GQ, but how many are willing to explore the dark side of fashion? Soft leathers and tailored craftsmanship are used to create this line.

Textile Art

It is very important to understand color theory and be aware of proper procedures when dyeing fabric. I designed a small collection of silk scarfs with inspiration from the Cyber Culture. I used techniques such as batik, shibori, stamp making, stencil, dip, resist, wrap beam, screenprint, discharge, block print, crochet, and embroidery, using all professional methods. All designs were sketched, and color variation was expected.

Upcycled Fashion

Upcycling is fun and inexpensive! Upcycling is making something useful and beautiful from something that has no purpose and could end up in landfill. You can upcycle anything if you put your mind to it! I had an old black sweatshirt and extra sequins that could use some fun. I decided to embroider my logo onto the old sweatshirt with the sequins. I shared my idea with Kristi Kawakami and she wanted to join my upcycling fun too. So I taught her how to embroider! After wearing my sweatshirt around the City and receiving many great compliments, Jessica Worthington a local photographer asked us to model for a photoshoot of us wearing our new sweatshirts! Then, it was asked to be displayed at the SFSU Upcycling Upcycling Art Exhibit and Window. Upcycling can get you into so many fun adventures!

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