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Interior Merchandising

2017-2018 Interior Design Trends

These 2017/2018 trends were forecasted in 2016 and are meant to make your home unique, cozy, lush & fabulous while staying eco-conscious. 

1. Geometric Patterns - Funky geometric patterns on pillows, wallpaper, planters, lampshades, and even flooring.

2. Regal Jewel Tones - Feel luxurious with bright jewel-toned art, chairs, walls, rugs, and lively bold accents.

3. Cork Accents - You will see the sustainable, trendy, and functional cork & push pins replace 2016's cardboard trend.

4. Plant Paradise - Natural plants, tropical prints, and jungle greens accented with jewel tones are the perfect touch.

5. Bold Blue Tones - Pantone's color of the year is Greenery, but the real trend is all shades & tones of blue.

6. Black Stainless Steel - Remodeling? Get ahead of the trend and be sure to go with sleek black brushed stainless steel.

7. Wood Accents - Repurposed wood paneling, sculptures, and furniture pair perfectly with today’s modern aesthetic.

8. Bold Front Doors - Transform your entryway with a color that expresses your personal style. Maybe a bold blue?

acoté- Hayes Valley, San Franciso

As the Visual Merchandiser to the only acoté shop in the US, it was my responsibility to ensure merchandising reflected the French visual directive. One of each style & color was merchandised on the sales floor, awareness of inventory and product was crucial to this merchandising setting. Collections were biannual, refreshing the sales floor so that clients see a fresh store through the year was key.